Digital signage installed

posted 9 Jul 2017, 10:12 by Iain McLaren

We are very proud of our latest digital signage installation. Commissioned by The Coffee Station café in Dumbarton Central railway station, we took design cues from their existing portfolio and used them to create a stunning multimedia display.

You can see a mock-up of the content it displays here:

Whatever your business, a digital signage installation will make you stand out from the crowd. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion, and to see if you qualify for a FREE solution for your premises.

Our new domain is now active

posted 24 Oct 2016, 02:32 by Iain McLaren   [ updated 24 Oct 2016, 02:34 ]

As supporters of Scottish independence, we have taken the first steps to implement a .scot domain for our online presence. Our existing web and email addresses will remain valid, but are now complemented by their .scot counterparts (for example, and

We can help your business make this transition too. Contact us today to find out more.

Windows XP and Office 2003 - 10 months left

posted 7 Jun 2013, 01:38 by Iain McLaren   [ updated 7 Jun 2013, 05:39 ]

Support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will end on the 8th of April 2014. After this date, there will be no security updates for these systems.

It is highly likely that cyber-criminals have attacks waiting to coincide with the withdrawal of support, and will target older computers knowing that the vulnerabilities they exploit will remain unpatched.

We can help you plan for this now, and ensure you are protected against data loss or disruption of service with a cost-effective solution.

With Google Apps, you can avoid costly upgrades to Microsoft Office while keeping your data safe and secure within the cloud. Hardware upgrade costs can also be minimised by deploying a malware-resistant operating system, such as Google's Chrome OS.

posted 8 Apr 2013, 12:23 by Iain McLaren   [ updated 11 Apr 2013, 13:56 ]

McLaren Technology Solutions deploys Google Apps for Business for

By utilising Google Apps, the partnership is able to create, edit, and store its documents in the cloud. Start-up costs were greatly reduced, as no traditional Office software or IT infrastructure was required. All information is automatically backed up and available from anywhere, including smartphones when away from the office.

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