If you are seeking an email and collaboration system, either to replace your existing on-premise solution, or for a new business, you should look no further than Google Apps for business.

Google Apps is highly affordable. From only £3.30 per user per month, or £33 per year, your users will be provisioned with the best web-based facilities available.

These include 30Gb of online storage, online Microsoft Office-compatible business applications, 24/7 customer support, intranet/web hosting, and more.

Additional users can be added at any time, with no upper limit.
New innovations are rapid. Instead of having to wait for, buy, and deploy new software versions, upgrades to the system are automatic and require no interaction from the user.

Customers have the choice to receive updates early, or delay deployment to ensure stability.

A wide range of Market Place application are available in addition to Google's standard services.
Enhanced security is of paramount importance to cloud services. Google has implemented the strongest security controls around their services, and by leveraging these your business will enjoy enterprise-level security far in advance of what is possible in a budget-limited  on-premise deployment.

Further security is achievable by enabling two-step authentication, where an authentication code is sent to the user's mobile phone. This is then entered before access is granted.

User password security can be monitored and controlled via the central administration console.
Your emails and documents can be accessed anywhere, allowing users to easily work from home or from remote locations.

Integration with modern smartphones and tablets allows your users to be in touch on the move, and collaborate on documents in real-time, without any further investment in remote access services.

Capital costs associated with laptops can be reduced by adopting the latest Google Chomebook devices, or allowing users to bring their own IT equipment.
Google Apps promotes intuitive teamwork by allowing multiple users to collaborate on the same document simultaneously. Changes made by each user can be seen in real-time, and an integrated chat service allows them to discuss the project or ask questions.

Intranet sites can be created for the business or individual teams, with feature-rich facilities such as wiki pages and commenting.

A full version-control system is enabled by default, allowing changes to be rolled-back to previous versions if necessary.