Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a term that encapsulates a wide variety of technologies, all of which are designed to transfer the cost and burden of managing in-house IT services onto service providers.

Cloud services transform the way businesses use IT. Gone are the days of sporadic, unpredictable, capital investment costs, with hidden extras such as support and backup expense. Instead, a subscription-based model allows you to budget accurately and grow your business with complete peace of mind.

Examples of Cloud Services

  • Cloud Backup - replace costly, unwieldy, unreliable tape-based backups by replicating your data to the cloud. Instantly solving the age-old problem of taking backups securely off-site, backing up to the cloud adds many benefits, such as being able to roll back files to previous versions. Should the worst happen, files can be accessed or restored to any permitted location, saving hours or days in bringing the business back to operation.
  • Cloud Email - avoid the cost of installing, maintaining or upgrading your email server by moving your email service to the cloud. Never again worry about running out of mailbox space for your demanding users, or unpredicted upgrade costs when new users are added. Instead, a small per-user-per-month fee allows you to understand and budget for your email facility. In addition, staff are automatically able to access their email from any internet connection, and have access to email from their smartphone or tablet device.
  • Cloud Apps - store, edit, and collaborate on documents directly in the cloud. For example, if you have a team of users working on a proposal or spreadsheet, each collaborator can access the same copy of the document, and make changes to it, simultaneously. They can even see what each other is doing in real-time. Access from mobile devices is also supported, allowing managers to review and modify documents from anywhere.
  • On-demand hosting - pay for the computing power you use, what what you might use one day. By automatically adding computing power on demand, peaks and troughs in computing requirements can be grown and shrunk as necessary.

We are convinced that Cloud Computing will provide benefits to and savings for any IT situation. Please contact us to arrange to discuss your problems and challenges, and to find out how the Cloud can help you.